What is crystal glass?

Crystal glass is the form of glass with the addition of lead oxide. When lead is added to glass it gives the glass more weight, increases its resilience, and adds a brilliant sparkle. The addition of lead oxide to glass also makes it easier for blowers to manipulate without reheating and makes the material better suited for molds, leading to more dynamic designs using diamond. Due to the phenomenon of white light dispersion in crystal glass you can see "play of colours", that is, to see the rainbow colours looking through them.


How to care of crystal glass?

There are several things worth considering to prolong the best quality of crystal glass:

- do not use strong cleaning detergents,

-  keep away from the impact of sharp objects which can destroy the glass surface,

-  do not pour hot liquids,

-  do not use the dishwasher.

In order to obtain high polish wipe it with a soft cloth.


What is the reason to have crystal glass?


Crystal glass has always been considered as an exclusive commodity. Its image has changed several times due to trends and fashions but the value has even increased. The production of crystal glass is rather rare and the hand – made engravings contribute to its unique aesthetic values. It is well suited for everyday use thanks to its durability and resistance and thus constitutes an exclusive present for those who care about high culture at the table and sophisticated decorations.